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Apollo Lykios / Greco-Roman Apollo

“imagine [ANYTHING] couldnt be me” — me

Art by, Greco-Roman Apollo

  • Strength-7
  • Intelligence-7
  • Charisma-7
  • Endurance-7
  • Agility-7
  • Luck-0

Type: Knowledge/Time
Size: 5 feet tall
Jobs: Freelance Artist, Ex Movie Theater Employee, ThunderClan Deputy, WindClan Deputy, WindClan Leader, ???
Likes: The Apollos and Hermes and Mercury most of all. And also the Postal Service! And also like, idk. Caffeine.
Dislikes: The Apollos and Hermes.
Attack Method: I uh, I can shoot a bow ok i guess?
Pronouns: he/him

[Humorous] Positive trait
i fucking hope…….id be uh. REALLY annoying if i wasnt funny……..
[Excitable] Neutral trait
I can be a bit overwhelming sorrey..
[Apologetic] Neutral trait
kek. ok but really i have a tendency to profusely apologize for weird shit so uh. uh. uih. s…sorry
[Emotional Dysregulation] Negative trait
…….i tend to jump to wildly inaccurate conclusions so like, just dont trust anyhting i say ok
[Social Escape] Negative trait
i have a tendency to suddenly leave and unadd ppl at times and it is very inconvenient but like DOnt take it personally im just stupid LOL.
[Tunnel Vision] Negative trait
im so fucking bad at time management and seeing the bigger picture but god damn it im trying
[Unstable] Negative trait
[Self-Loathing] Negative trait
[Death Grip] Ability trait
30 yd range / Instant // 25 sec recharge // Requires Death Knight // Requires level 5 // This character harnesses the energy that surrounds and binds all matter, drawing his target towards him.
[Alone] Mystery trait

Physical Description





I like, I draw sometimes? And I like… Write stuff, occasionally. IDK.


I talk a lot. I talk too much. I can get distracted by talking forever and ever. I talk about myself way too much. I never shut the fuck up. I have a hard time shutting the fuck up. If you need me to shut the fuck up please tell me because I will NOT pick up hints.

I‘m also TERRIBLE about keeping up with people I‘m so sorry. I disappear for extended periods of time. I also have zero sense of time. Funny.

Current Team

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Creator / Writer of:
Maia |

Artist of:
Somnus | Rhea | Mors | Diana | Hephaestus | Janus | Lyssa | Maia |

Tripod | Catlas | Volkronn |


• I like to play video games sometimes but I‘m bad at them and scared of people and even more scared of people seeing how bad i am at video games so like i almost NEVER pvp. But i do enjoy fucking around on ARK a lot.

• I play violin and flute and clarinet and I never ever shut up about it. I want a keyboard so bad it makes me look stupid. Same with an electric guitar but like 100% of the reason I don‘t have either is bc I am absolutely terrible at accomplishing things.

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