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Welcome to the featured section. Here you can see all the species that are currently featured for being well written, creative, or just plain interesting.

Featured Entries


The mandgi have a bean-shaped body with a hard carapace. A mandgi's head resembles an eight-fingered hand, and its face consists only of a gaping, drill-like mouth. Instead of hands, it possesses giant noses on the sides of its body. On its back are dragon-like wings, and on these wings are its eyes, and it possesses no eyelids or eyebrows.


Apidee are small bee people with four arms and two legs, with either dark gray or dark brown skin. They have a round head with a pair of bee-like antenna and black or yellow hair, sometimes black and yellow. They have two largish black eyes and wide gleeful mouth. They have a fuzzy white 'collar' of fur.

Most of their body is covered in a thin black carapce that is decorated with yellow stripes, the design and number varying from individiual to individual. The have a bulbous bee-abdomen thats similarly striped in black and yellow and ends witht a stinger, and have a set of bee-wings on their back.


The oomn are humanoids which have skin that is pitch black to chalk white and everything in between. The oomn have a glassy-eyed look that indicates that their souls have been crushed even before birth. They have a generally very gray and depressing aesthetic; just about everything about them looks depressing, from their terrible posture to their penchant for ill-fitting, colorless clothing, to that constant 'sad puppy' expression. They tend to cover their mouths with anything, ranging from thick scarves to high collars. Sometimes they wear masks.


Tegyps are a humanoid alien species that appear, for the most part, fairly plain aside from one or two strange qualities. Tegyps do not have hands or heads connected to their body in any way, instead their arms end at the wrist with their hand floating in the position a normal hand would be, this also applies to the neck and head of the tegyp. The neck of a tegyp ends around half way up, with a pyramid shaped head floating above the neck “stump”. This pyramid shaped head has no mouth, and has a stone-like surface with a single eye in the center of the main face. This is the most common appearance of a tegyp, however some tegyps may in fact have multiple eyes, on multiple faces of the pyramid, although it is most common that the “dominant” eye, so to speak, is much larger and serves as the main “face” of the pyramid head.