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Welcome to the featured section. Here you can see all the planets that are currently featured for being well written, creative, or just plain interesting.

Featured Entries


A large, cool blue and gray planet. It was once a land of blue plains and soaring mountains, framed up by vast swathes of blue forests. The skyline was, and is, always a tad overcast, though generally not enough to truly block out the sun during the shorter than average days. A rather common sight on the horizon are bolts of lightning striking either the ground or some hapless building.

Nowadays, the majority of the land is occupied by the massive metropolis also called Elektrovox, a glowing cosmopolitan expanse of towering spires bristling with lightning rods, clubs lined with glistening lights at all hours, a seemingly endless number of spotlights, and a constant thumping of music.


Valkan is a sandy, red and black, mineral-rich planet with an extremely hot atmosphere compounded by pollution and radiation. There are two habitable regions at the north and south sides of the planet, separated by the expansive desert wasteland that lies between them. The resident species are the volkronn, who make their homes in cities built in the hollow insides of massive, iron-wrought superstructures on the planet's surface.


A formerly swamp-like world the planet has become much more marsh and meadow like. Skyscrapers run from ocean-floor to the upper atmosphere ship-hangars, and the streets are filled with a medley of delicious scents and flavors filling the air. The streets themselves being layers upon layers of roads reaching up to mountainous heights for the citizens and workers to go. The planet is truly covered in cities at this point, and like any Heredoggo planet it is known for 1/3 skyscrapers being farms, 1/3 being restaurants or grocery stores, and another 1/3 being residential, commercial, or general industrial zoning.


A lush green planet, calm and quiet. At least, whenever you stay away from the more tweep heavy areas. The planet has no main large continents, and is instead broken up into a series of very large archipelago with the occasional larger sea in between.


Cartricke is very heavily built upon, most of the planet consists of multi layered city blocks that are lit using mirrors. The mirrors have deliberately been placed into a disorienting pattern, however, and the network of smoke vents ending in the city make it even harder to navigate. The kouninis themselves know the way by heart and have very little trouble navigating their planet.

There are not nearly enough Kouninis to fill all their buildings and large areas of the planet are nearly deserted. Which areas these are varies. Kouninis usually flock to popular landing spots and will wait there untill all of the crew leaves their ship and gets lost before stealing it.