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A herd of loveable friends......

The petdex contains a list of all currently found pets from capture creature events. Using this section you may check out pets or using advanced search, build your team for an expedition.


Rare Adventurous Arise
[Smarty]Now that's a smart creature! If asked this pet will give a hint to help with the expedition.
[Loyalty]This creature is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.
[Misses You]This pet misses you! Did something happen to you? Maybe it was traded away and returned back home? Either way it's happy to be back, please don't leave it alone ever again.....
An arise who seems far more intelligent than others. It loves to sit in the middle of long discussions and look through telescopes. Every night it stares upwards at a particular part of the sky, towards a planet, unknown.
Legendary Chilled Mallon
[Invisibility]This creature either can become invisible for one turn or is very good at hiding. It can do this twice in an expedition.
-and there's just so many things unseen that we KNOW exists. We know something is wrong but we can't SEE IT! It shows up in the corners of our eyes and when we ask about it they tell us nothing is wrong.....and nothing is.....the shadows don't attack. Nothing bad has happened. Maybe I should stick to catching rats.
Ancient Strange Evolved Dan'gersign
[Ancient Defense]This creature is not affected by debuffs.
[Defensive]This creature has some sturdy armor. -3 to attacks aimed at it.
[Loyalty]This creature is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.
The hormones have worked. The dan'gersign has broken away from its simple sign form and turned into a powerhouse! Try breaking through these defenses!
Classic Aggressive Numbskull
[Double or Nothing]20 rolls count as double criticals, 1 rolls count as disaster rolls.
You fell into a hell made of blue. When you hit the bottom of the sky, you appeared back inside. Never will you ever bump into a door with a bucket again, least you be sent back to the horrors under the map.
Rare Adventurous Seizing Bird
[Flight]This fella can fly! Not only that, but it can carry you with it.
[Giant]This creature is larger than normal.
[Stable]This pet isn't affected by buffs or debuffs, and it cannot gain or lose traits, even temporarily.
You're glad it's back! (Even if it's still thinking about what happened....)
Legendary Generic Snakevine
[Extreme Pacifist]This creature refuses to attack anything.
[Timebomb]After four rolls by you or your creature, your creature blows up and causes +7 damage to all nearby.
[Grande Finale]One-time ability to add +20 to a single action. The creature flees after the turn is over.
A flower in decay no longer lets out a scent of joy, but the smell of pain. But after the death of the flowers, the seeds will fall, the fruits will grow, and life begins anew.
Uncommon Shy Arise
[Tiny]This creature is smaller than usual.
[Batteries Included]On the start of the expedition one item will be summoned into your inventory. This item depends on your capture creature.
Due to the mostly flat colors of this arise it's valued quite highly, you would never sell it though, you and it, have a bond. And that bond is called anime and swords night.
Legendary Strange Snakevine
[Could be worse]Not the worst that can happen! One rolls act like two rolls.
[Ambush Predator]Watch your step. +7 to the first attack on any enemy per expedition.
"Where is she?", the crowd whispered. Each one looked towards the stage but none found any glimpse of her. This was her ball, surely her elegance would grace the stage, they all thought.

Only the wisest realized that the serpent of myth would only appear where commoners would not look. While a disgruntled party began above, those in the basement watched the ritual begin.
Legendary Aggressive Dan'gersign
[Disaster]Oh boy, this creature makes everything worse. ALL one rolls are disaster rolls.
[Anti-Herd]This creature hates members of its same species and will do +5 damage to them. If the same species is on its team it will attack them.
[Extreme Disloyalty]Jeez, this creature just doesn't seem to care about you! -10 to all rolls.
[Feral]You cannot command this creature. No matter what it will never listen to your orders. It cannot be tamed or become [Loyal].
[Breedable]This creature can breed despite its rarity.
Fuck you.
Legendary Selfish Dan'gersign
[Piggy Bank]Every time this capture creature hits something, money flies out.
[Discount]This creature is great with money! How... did you train it to do that? +5 to rolls involving trading or bartering.
Common Chilled Tentider
[Suspicious Loyalty]This pet is deeply loyal to you, but when you are at your weakest point it will strike and take whatever it wants before fleeing.
[Stalker]As long as you own this pet there's a chance it will appear unprompted and attack you. While this pet acts normal when purposefully brought on missions, it becomes hostile when not. Giving this pet the [Frozen] trait will remove this trait.
[Loving]They love you! This creature will never attack or harm you intentionally.
Your tentider constantly thinks about eating you alive but it can't do anything about it. Haha!!!!!
Rare Diabolical Tentider
[Lookalike]All traits this pet has also affects its owner, negative or positive.
[Clown]This creature is a clown. Upon the start of the expedition you become a clown as well. You may pick one other person, at which point, they will become a clown. No other effects.
[Punching Bag]Capture creatures will ALWAYS attack this creature first if possible.
Whenever he's above you, you become the comedy show of the century!
Common Adventurous Tentider
[Cheerleader]Your creature got some amazing spirit! Can use its turn to cheer and add +3 to a friend's next roll.
[Nerf]Pick a buff being currently applied. Half the effects of that buff until it ends. Can be used twice per expedition.
[Lazy]This pet does not do anything but follow you around and anything allowed due to its other traits.
We stick together! Family is forever! We bring each other up! We drag ourselves down! You cannot escape, as our bond is written within your blood!
Uncommon Aggressive Roximur
[Status Immune]This creature is immune to status effects, (ex: Sleep, Stun, Poison, Burn) this does not apply to debuffs.
[Jump Man]Big leaps going on! +5 to any roll that involves jumping.
Do you want to survive? Then you gotta learn how to fly. Don't fall into the void of that endless BLUE HELL.
Uncommon Diabolical Caborhund
[Chaos]Causes one chaos roll per expedition at complete random.
I'm sorry my love. I know you told me not to go, but I'm heading back- -to that Ocean Of Blue. - Last letter sent before her disappearance. Her remains were never discovered but she is presumed dead and her body swallowed by the sea.
Common Aggressive Arise
[Giveaway]Upon activation, pick one of your traits and give it to another person. This creature loses this trait for the rest of the expedition. This trait cannot be circumvented, removed, transferred, or copied to another creature.
[Rabid]This creature will attack everyone and anyone at random points for no reason.
Lets do something bad today! Lets break something! Lets shake something! Don't you just want to lose your mind just one time?
Ancient Selfish Dan'gersign
[Call The Cops!]The longer this pet is on the field the more likely cops will suddenly appear on the scene. This may make the situation better or worse depending on the event.
[Ancient Reflection]All debuffs applied to this creature are also applied to its target.
[Warrior]This creature is trained to fight. +3 to all attacks.
[Ancient Genes]This creature is showcasing some ancient genes meaning it will produce an ancient child! After the first child is created it will lose this trait.
As a child she was the mascot of a local police department. In a raid by pirates she was stolen away, and worse done to her keepers. For the last several years, after being forced to pupate into the ancient form she is now, she has been the star for a group of criminals.

Now she is in your hands.Thrown away for being an unlucky omen that seems to summon the police.Will you finally give this old lady the rest that she deserves?
Uncommon Friendly Dan'gersign
[=ERROR ENTITY=]You're not supposed to be here! Upon expedition start, summon an extra party member. All their rolls are now -20.
It'll take at least three, and one very unfortunate event.
Uncommon Generic Dan'gersign
[Neutral Good]This is just a slightly good pet. +1 to all rolls.
This fat grub isn't special. It's not going to take down hoards, or travel across the world in an adventure that never ends. That's what you like about it. Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and be a little normal.
Uncommon Diabolical Seizing Bird
[Opposite Day]When activated an opposite day is called. All buffs are changed to debuffs and all debuffs to buffs for two turns. Can be used once per game.
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