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A herd of loveable friends......

The petdex contains a list of all currently found pets from capture creature events. Using this section you may check out pets or using advanced search, build your team for an expedition.


Unusual Silent Gwech
[Living Doll]This pet starts with 2 HP. Upon being defeated this pet becomes a living doll. It becomes unable to move except for what its traits allow, and loses all traits except its last one and [Living Doll]. It then recovers 2 HP. [Living Doll] only activates once.
[Clean Slate]Pick any trait from any other pet. Remove it for the rest of the game.
[Snooze Time]Can put someone to sleep once per expedition, and keep them asleep until an action is done to it. (Ex: Attempting to move it.)
[Joint Pain]This pet and its owner share each other's pain, and thus the same health bar. If one of them is knocked out, the other will be as well.
[Forgettable]This creature will never be noticed as long as it doesn't move.
Series The Remarkable Friends
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"You'll remember the remarkable friends for the rest of your life! Each one is special and attune to your feelings. Friends are forever, and your remarkable friend will always be with you!" - Text on the faded tag when you found it at a garage sale.