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A herd of loveable friends......

The petdex contains a list of all currently found pets from capture creature events. Using this section you may check out pets or using advanced search, build your team for an expedition.


Legendary Generic Blort
[Cry For Help]When in distress, this creature will begin to cry. These cries will attract another creature to the area. The temperament of the creature will depend on a roll.
[Toxic Positivity]This pet cheers everyone on, including members of the other team! +3 to all other pets except for it as long as it's out on the field.
(Static crackles from the unhinged mouth of the hound.)
"G-ggoooood Morning, L-Ladies and gentlehounds! Folks, thanks as usual for tuning into our frequency, because BOY, do we hhaave the show for you tonight! Come on, ya filthy animals, put your mitts together for our FIRST contestant!-"
(The whine of the frequency grows louder, applause roaring from its jaws. Is it waiting for you?)