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A Magneto-Horzz is essentially a Horse, a metal Horse of unparalleled majesty and excellence who's mane and tail are streaks of lightning and who's hoof-falls sound alike to thunderclap. A Horse who's eye's streak blaze with blue energy and exhalations electrify the air. But still, essentially a Horse.

Kirkland's Owl

Kirkland's Water Owl is a large waterfowl with a wingspan of 6 feet and a bluish mane. These manes help them cover up precocious water owls to hide from competing water owls who may wish to steal their offspring, and also to keep young water owls warm and protected from strong island gusts. These manes also play prominently in post-nesting bathing ceremonies (sometimes called "Bath Parties"). Kirkland's Water Owl is not actually classified as an owl; instead it is a 'bear-goose'.