[Cosmosdex] The Universal Encyclopedia


Out into the wilds of the universe.....

The faunadex contains all the info you need to know about any fauna you might see out in the universe, including info about what they look like, where they tend to live, and how likely they are to eat all your crew members.


Alpha Porpoise

Alpha poirpose are incredibly excitable and "Type A" creatures. Ever eager to engage in extreme activity for seemingly no purpose at all. Left undisturbed alpha poirposes have been observed performing such "rad" stunts as backflipping, surfing, and coordinated acrobatic feats off of various sorts of handles.

Aside from that alpha poirposes deeply enjoy the thrill of the hunt. They hunt for all manner of reasons, aside from food, such as sport, brinkmanship, and for decidely less wholesome reasons. They are quite smart, for animals, capable of understanding and to a limited degree, engaging, with sapient peoples, who alpha poirposes reportedly consider "uncool hosers."


Anyone who enters the forest with a cyriac will always grow to hate it. Hate it like they hate its many glowing eyes, like they hate the sound of its voice - that thing that never changes inflection, never stops nor falters no matter what the beast is doing, whether asleep or awake. They will grow to hate it the same way they will hate the gods.

That is the job of the cyriac.


On most accounts of those who have worked with, studied, or been within the same room as a dentine, will most likely describe their temperament as quiet, but somewhat unsettling. Dentines in the wild usually live alone, only pairing up with one another when it comes time for breeding, but otherwise will avoid forming packs as dentines are highly food aggressive. They are a very patient animal, given their unique style of hunting. When not actively seeking prey, they are simply 'watching' prey from afar for hours on end, in spite of the apparent lack of eyes.


Eyegrets are capture creatures bred to aid notail young in their time in the forest, and is most often given to U-ndercover and M-atriarch classes. They are highly territorial, and will attack and kill any other adult eyegret they see in their territory. This includes their own former children; although eyegrets are very protective and nurturing towards chicks under a week old, any child over such is seen as a threat and kicked out of the nest. From there, the eyegret child must find a new territory for itself, get ripped apart, or kill its parent and claim the territory for itself.


Gweches are noted for how docile they are. If a gwech and her young aren't in need of food the gwech just relaxes, commonly licking its arms before slathering itself or its children up to keep moist on dry days. Notail bred gweches are a female only breed, while wild gweches have both males and females. Notail gweches are offered up to the B-reeder, H-erbalist, I-nvestigator, M-atriarch, and W-aiter class children but are rarely picked for their "Uncool" and "Displeasing" looks. Notail children rather pick a starting creature who is either aggressive or a fairly good steed, two things a gwech is not.


During an encounter, monikes are not considered physical threats. Instead, the danger lies in the opponent's psyche. They are defensive capture creatures that specialize in survival, support, and status effects. Given the right training, a fanned monike is able to mesmerize through dance, similar to a hypnotist's watch. These dances are given such names as "scary face," "glare," and "confusion" and either gives the monike and its owner enough time to escape or incapacitates the target long enough for another capture creature to take charge and attack.


Nichtendrakk are consummate hunters of the night. Sleeping during the day unless roused by some cause, they take wing in the midnight air swooping down against lesser creatures that might suppose themselves midnight predators, and unsuspecting nighttime strollers. Nichtendrakk tend to ornery and posses a malicious streak, which compels them to toy with prey before finally killing it.


Despite their plentiful amount of eyes, polydextrols have been genetically altered to rely on their keen sense of smell and hearing which, due to the side effects of selective breeding, resulted in near-blindness. These animals are also prone to random fits of rage or fear, and if not quickly pacified by their owner, their sense of smell will shut down, hearing dulled, and their eyes "reactivated", suddenly they are able to see with far more clarity than ever, thanks to genetic tampering, thus scaring them further.


Most tallgoats are seen at a distance, through fog, behind trees, standing still, simply watching whoever sees them. The moment one looks away from the tallgoat, however, it is liable to have vanished upon looking back. These tallgoats tend to follow their spotters around until they leave the area, and sometimes even beyond that. Despite this, they rarely mean harm, and simply find people interesting. Many a visitor to Cth'Leoth has accidentally adopted a tallgoat pet, as it can be hard to be rid of one that finds any one person particularly notable.