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Featured Entries


Mors units are quite strange. Most look like small child-like robots, but others look absolutely nothing like the others; instead, they appear more like terrifying creatures. A common trait among Mors units is having horns on their heads and having some sort of tail that commonly ends in a point or stinger.

There is absolutely no info on any line of “Mors” ever being created.


Hermes units are known for their tall necks, which are normally 4 and a half feet to 5 feet alone. Some necks have been recorded to be as long as 100 feet but those Hermes units are few and far between. The common Hermes has 4 legs, all with 4 toes. These legs can be used as hands in a pinch. At the top of the neck of a Hermes is a TV head with wings connected to the side of them. The screen of most Hermes units is absolutely blinding and can be used to surprise any foes.