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Extinct species submissions are closed.
Next opening will be: July 1st

In this section you will be able to fill out the application below to submit an extinct species. If your submission goes through this page will provide a link for you to check out your submission as it awaits approval. If your submission is approved it will be moved to the main section of this dex. If it is rejected the name of the species will change to "Rejected" and the reason will be provided at the end of the entry. If the mistake is fixable you are free to resubmit.

Before submitting anything please remember to read the disclaimer about submitting applications at this page. By submitting an application on this page you are agreeing to the disclaimer. Please make sure to read the info above the application before working on it. If you would like to see submissions that are currently awaiting review, please head over to the submissions page.


To submit an extinct species, all you need to do is fill out the application below. All the text boxes below display what needs to be entered in them. Enter as much info as you can to make it more likely that the extinct species will be accepted, if you cannot fill out any of the info provided leave the section empty. Names cannot be over 14 characters and the name of the species cannot be the name of an already submitted species.

Please check the applications section to assist with the tone of your entry and any additional rules that may be in place before working on your entry.