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Welcome to the species submission section. Here you can see all the species that have been submitted so far and are currently under review. If you do not see your species here it has been accepted and moved to the main section, or it has been rejected. If it has been rejected just go to the link you were given when you submitted your species and there should be a reason why it was rejected there. If it has been more then a month since the rejection it is likely that the species has been deleted.



The following species below have been rejected for reasons listed under their names. If you are the owner of any of these species and would like to resubmit them please read what errors you made, and then resubmit. Please reread the application section of the Cosmosdex.

Auto Reject

Applications are closed, as such this application was automatically rejected. It is still possible to view it, though it will be deleted soon.


The following species below have not been claimed in the eagletime topic here, and as such are unlikely to be accepted due to the one species rule. If you do not wish to post to the eagletime topic because you wish to remain as anonymous as possible, please at least pm Gimeurcookie on eagletime to confirm that you are the creator.