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The Hulwits are rarely, if not never seen naked or out of their disguise. The rare times they were sighted, most described them as an odd feature-less blobby thing ranging from black to white coloured and varying in size and shape. One adventurous tourist managed to capture one and says that "they are quite soft and warm". Hulwits are invertebrates and can squish through the tightest of spots and take very little space.


Kalons are foxlike humanoids that usually have ginger fur, but it can be relatively common for them to have golden spots. They are lightweight and thin, which usually makes them unable to be captain of a ship. However, some Kalon captains have parts of their bodies replaced with mechanical limbs to make themselves stronger.


The following species below have not been claimed in the eagletime topic here, and as such are unlikely to be accepted due to the one species rule. If you do not wish to post to the eagletime topic because you wish to remain as anonymous as possible, please at least pm Gimeurcookie on eagletime to confirm that you are the creator.


Vixelsplicks are balls of slime with a unchanging innocent looking face but that is usually unseen because they inhabit empty ai shells. In their shells they will look like the original Ai.


They are generally very short and a bit on the pudgy side. They have no eyes or mouth on their head, but they do have a cat-like nose. They have long pointy ears, which are almost always pointed forwards. The insides of their ears contain their eyes. On their bellies are their large mouths, which they keep shut for obvious reasons. Their tails are long and fluffy, and are used to grab things they couldn't normally reach, or just used to carry an extra object. They come in a multitude of pastel colors, from pale pink to a light red. Some have small tiger stripes.