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150 Points

"It's just like in the old legends!"

Goal: Meet a legendary character.

300 Points

"Break the chains, begin the quest..."

Goal: Break the chains of the Helper.

1300 Points

"Not everyone is ready for Space."

Goal: Win a game with a human in your crew

50 Points

"Your beliefs are different so you must die!"

Goal: Kill off an entire cult.

500 Points

"The universe will regret this."

Goal: Get the [Florida Man] to fortuna.

300 Points

"I hope you didn't have any patrons..."

Goal: Roomtrap a limbo god.

500 Points

"How did you survive?"

Goal: Slay a Katasrofi bird queen on Mendac-Ium

300 Points

"You walked through hell for this treasure. You'd better enjoy it."

Goal: Discover the treasure of the Demioti Tower

400 Points


Goal: Make a character with [Final Destination] go to fortuna.

50 Points

"Brand names are overrated anyway."

Goal: Kill a Greek god with a Roman god.

600 Points

"I mean it's not the universe but still, good job."

Goal: Save a doomed planet from its fate.

200 Points

"What does your horoscope say about you?"

Goal: Get a crew consisting of one of each "Zodiac" species to Fortuna

150 Points

"Long ago, the five elements lived in harmony..."

Goal: Get a crew consisting of each of the "Elements" species to Fortuna.

300 Points

"Absolutely disgusting."

Goal: Get a crew consisting of only [Irredeemable] members to Fortuna...alive!

250 Points

"I am their fury, I am their fury, I am their fury..."

Goal: Have any two patrons fuse for the first time.

0 Points

"What makes you a terrible person the longer you play it?"

Goal: Solve a riddle from Hades.

150 Points

"That's one way to end a roomtrap..."

Goal: End a roomtrap by being killed...by your own patron!

300 Points

"It could have been so much worse."

Goal: Save as many people as you possibly can from a dying planet.

100 Points

"Did god just punch you in the face?"

Goal: Have one member of your crew killed by a limbo god.

1200 Points

"I think you should just ignore your horoscope."

Goal: Drive extinct all of the "Zodiac" species.

250 Points

"It wasn't me! No really!"

Goal: Witness a death in a roomtrap that you did not cause.

50 Points

""Who's better now?""

Goal: Kill a Greek god with a Roman god.

1500 Points

"Do the universe a favor here."

Goal: Kill every Notail on Eukaryote.

800 Points

"You just did replace all the water in the planet with beer?!?"

Goal: Solve a planet water crisis with a lot of beer.

420 Points

"You will be remembered as the hottest person in the universe!"

Goal: Have a whole crew to die burned on space.

100 Points

"Probally a death cult, probally..."

Goal: Create a cult with your crew

100 Points

"Don't worry, they get used to the pain about halfway through."

Goal: Play and win a full-length, officiated game of soccer where the only balls used are Datos.

100 Points

"*Did I say hands? I meant limbs, none at all."

Goal: Reach Fortuna using a crew that has no limbs (arms, legs, wings, or tails). They must remain limbless for the entirety of the run, including any robotic limbs that act like any of the listed limbs. This also applies to any new crew members that join the crew.

1000 Points

"It's all in the drink."

Goal: Find all the 22 drinks and have at least one character to drink them.

2000 Points

"Was all that money spent worth it?"

Goal: Assemble the cheerleader squad of Nike, Kratos, Bia, and Zelus, and witness their fabled legend.

2000 Points

"Story mode complete!"

Goal: Solve the mystery of the Fortuna crew.

500 Points

"This is why we don't land on weird planets."

Goal: Activate your distress signal and have someone respond to it 3 or more times in a single game.

2000 Points

"Blasting from something from the past"

Goal: Have a former crew members weapon somehow fall into the hands of your current crew.

150 Points

"*awkward silence*"

Goal: Have at least one or more crew members have an ex on board or as a crew member.

220 Points

"I'm my father/mother!"

Goal: Have a character time travel and accidentally become their own parent

160 Points

"For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

Goal: Have a Romeo and Juliet situation where the two die on Fortuna.

150 Points

"Me, Myself, and, I ,and Him are all the same guy!"

Goal: Have a Character have one or more Future selves with them.

40 Points

"You know what's coming..."

Goal: Have a character with [Visions] predict their own death.

70 Points

"Pan-dering for some goat"

Goal: Have a character have a successful romantic relationship with Pan or a Pan unit.

180 Points

"I'm in love with an immortal."

Goal: Have a character romance or be romanced by a gen 1.

1000 Points

"Us demi-gods must stick together!"

Goal: Have a crew consisting of only godheads.

100 Points

"Lots of horsin' around."

Goal: Have a Helios ship with only horse-themed crew members and fauna.

100 Points

"When your own teacher kills you..."

Goal: Have a Helios unit kill someone they consider their student.

100 Points

"You should have seen this coming from a mile away."

Goal: Have Helios or a Helios unit kill someone who killed their student.

800 Points

""Tastes like chicken.""

Goal: Have a single character drink all the Major Arcana

350 Points

"What did you do?!"

Goal: Get to Fortuna with at least half of your crew having the [Wanted] trait. You can not get this achievement if any of your crew members get caught.

4000 Points

"From dust you came, and to dust you shall never return."

Goal: Bring a Human to Earth

890 Points

"Well, THAT happened..."

Goal: Have the player join their current crew... and have the crew find out who they are!

490 Points

"A book made by Dr. Zeuzz."

Goal: Find out what happened with Eschji, the lost Budryft homeworld.

50 Points

""You won't regret it!""

Goal: Take a contractor's deal.

2100 Points


Goal: Have a crew with one or more A-class notails.

100 Points

"So many babies!"

Goal: Have an entire crew of just hybrids.

900 Points

"Oh, uh good for you?"

Goal: Become best friends with a limbo god.